Property Management

With over 500,000 sf of retail, office and industrial properties under management, Weinberger Properties is well equipped to tackle all your property management needs. Whether we’ve managed your real estate for fifty years or five months our philosophy is simple: we treat each and every property like it’s our own. From small one-time fees to large capital expenses, every cent that is spent on your behalf is scrutinized as if it was coming from our own pockets. Of course this philosophy has broader implications beyond just dollars and cents. We go to great lengths to care for the properties we manage because we demand the very best for your building. It is this superior level of personal service that sets us apart from the competition.

The property management team at Weinberger Properties is simply the best. They are friendly, efficient, attentive and reliable. Whether it’s a conference call to discuss a proposed capital improvement, an email requesting information about a new marketing campaign or a face-to-face meeting to review our tenant retention strategy, they are always available – 24/7. – BRUCE BELSKY, Kaplan Belsky Ross Bartell, LLP

Creating a Management Plan
We begin all property management assignments by drafting a detailed management plan for your property. The management plan includes: (1) a thorough analysis of the property, (2) an evaluation of current market conditions, (3) an examination of the short-term and long-term goals and objectives of the owners, and (4) our recommendations on how to meet and exceed said goals and objectives. A few of the more typical items addressed by the management plan include:

  • Detailed lease examination and review
  • Tenant identification and relations analysis
  • Risk management and insurance issues
  • Marketing, branding and awareness matrix
  • Rent analysis and comparison
  • Maintenance inspection review
  • Capital improvement and reserve strategies
  • Staffing requirements
  • Environmental review and analysis

When completed, the management plan becomes a formidable tool in managing your property and serves as the foundation upon which our services are delivered. Moreover, the President of the company will regularly update the owners of the property and discuss the progress that has been made in regards to the goals and objectives contained in the management plan.

Once a property has been placed under our care, the President of the company will begin to assign various duties and responsibilities to our staff. The operations team will start supervising and coordinating all maintenance activities on-site, establish a clear communication channel for the existing tenants, create detailed tenant files and develop an appropriate project mechanism to address all insurance, legal, utility, tax and municipality related items. The accounting department will set up all necessary accounts, input relevant information into our database and begin tracking and monitoring all financial transactions. Each client has its own separate checking and savings accounts and client funds are never commingled. Our President is the only individual authorized to sign checks on these accounts. The marketing staff will evaluate the property to determine what changes should be made, if any, to better position the property for an effective lease campaign. They will also work closely with either our in-house brokerage team or an outside brokerage outfit to develop a successful and professional suite of marketing materials. Lastly, the marketing team will perform an extensive analysis of the current rent structure and pro-actively increase or decrease the asking rent and additional rent dependent on market conditions, prospective tenant metrics and on-site realities.

We’ve used other property management companies in the past and always felt like we were just another account. But with Weinberger Properties, we get the personal service we’ve always wanted. Each and every one of our requests are always a top priority. Moreover, it’s a comfort to know that their entire staff is intimately familiar with our property and knowledgeable about what is happening there on a real-time basis. You can’t go wrong with this group. – RICHARD GROBMAN, PRESIDENT, DAN’S SUPREME

Utilizing our state-of-the-art property management software platform we provide all our clients with customized reporting specifically tailored to meet their requirements. We provide detailed rent rolls, prepared for each property, which show both scheduled and collected rents and other receivables. Our clients also receive both monthly and year-end financial statements including the following reports:

  • Distribution analysis
  • Federal, state and local tax payment history
  • Balance sheet
  • General ledger
  • Income and expense statement
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Reconciled bank statements
  • Aged payables and receivables
  • Occupancy and delinquency

Take the Next Step . . .
We’d love to hear from you and discuss how Weinberger Properties can better address your commercial property needs. Whether you require additional information, have a question or just want to meet us in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us.