Founded in 1961 by Saul Weinberger, Weinberger Properties is a third generation family-owned commercial real estate services company serving the New York Metropolitan Area. From the very beginning our company has taken a unique and innovative approach to our industry.

We Do Things Differently
In commercial real estate there exists a persistent and prevalent fallacy that in every transaction, one is either a winner or a loser. All too often this means that time, energy and money is wasted on adversarial actions that serve only to undercut and diminish the desired objectives of the parties involved. At Weinberger Properties we believe this behavior is completely unnecessary.

Every deal, every situation and every possibility holds the potential for all parties to walk away with something valuable. Through a combination of skillful negotiation and active listening and backed up by strong research, data and insight we guarantee a successful outcome for both sides of the table.

Setting A New Industry Standard
With extensive knowledge and expertise as well as practical hands on experience we are uniquely suited to identify and address all your commercial real estate needs. If you demand personalized service, insightful strategies and unwavering perseverance . . . think Weinberger Properties.

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    David Weinberger

    Saul Weinberger
    Founder and Past President

    Lawrence Weinberger
    General Counsel and Former President

    Michael Weinberger
    Past President and Former General Counsel