Owner Representation

By exclusively listing your available commercial space with Weinberger Properties you avail yourself of the most cutting edge tools and information available today. We specialize in creating unique and customized marketing campaigns that efficiently target, attract and secure tenants for your properties.

When it comes to marketing a commercial space, it’s imperative that one be both creative and innovative. Weinberger Properties hits the mark on both of these critical attributes. They are not afraid to try something new and are constantly forging a unique path for the industry. – CAREN ZELICOF, NEA ASSOCIATES II LLC

Getting Started
We begin each assignment with a detailed analysis designed to identify core property features, market trends and relevant competition. We’ll then use this information to properly price and position the property and offer guidance on any value added strategies that may be appropriate. At the same time our team will develop a professional marketing suite to be used both in print and on-line. Once the marketing materials are finalized we’ll tap into our proprietary database to pro actively identify the companies, individuals and brokers who are the most likely sources of relevant requirements.

From Showings To Signed Leases
When a showing is requested only the most skilled, knowledgeable and socially adept agents will be on hand to present the property. Interested parties will be walked through the application process where we will run credit and background checks and request information on their finances, references and experience. Once the application process has been completed, and in the event that ownership decides to respond to a formal offer, we will skillfully negotiate with the prospective tenant to obtain the most favorable lease terms.

Tenant Retention
In addition to working diligently to fill available space, Weinberger Properties will also maintain and cultivate strong relationships with existing tenants. We understand that tenant retention is absolutely critical to a properties long-term viability. As such, we measure our success not by the quantity of new tenants we bring to a property, but rather by the number of tenants who never leave.

Take the Next Step . . .
We’d love to hear from you and discuss how Weinberger Properties can better address your commercial property needs. Whether you require additional information, have a question or just want to meet us in person, please don’t hesitate to contact us.